The right time to trust: Lasting Power of Attorney

Writing a Will or planning for a time when you are no longer here is difficult for everyone involved, but what happens in the event you are still here but no longer able to make decisions for yourself? A simple legal document, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA, LPOA) is the answer, but with less than 1% of the UK population registered, here are some reasons to consider taking the next step to an LPA. Continue reading “The right time to trust: Lasting Power of Attorney”

Otten Penna Make the Small Screen

It wasn’t a run of the mill Monday today at Otten Penna as a famous face walked through our doors.

On set in Northenden, filming a new 3-part drama, The Trials of Jimmy Rose, Ray Winstone managed to turn Palatine Road into a gritty crime scene. Local businesses and homes had been forewarned about the filming and the presence of what may appear to be guns and robberies as part of the storyline.

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