Ways we can help

Domestic, emotional abuse:                    

Domestic violence, injunction, harassment, financial abuse, affect on children, threatening and intimidating behavior, women’s aid, women’s refuge

Child Arrangement Orders:

Custody, residence, contact, where a child will live, who a child will see, arrangements for child

Prohibited Steps Order / Specific Issue Order

Removal of children –both in UK and abroad, secure the return of a child, disputes about child’s schooling, disputes about a child’s name, disputes about child’s medical treatment.

Parental Responsibility

Who has automatic parental responsibility, how do you acquire parental responsibility, parental responsibility agreements, parental responsibility court order.

Court Forms, Court Venue, Court Terminology

C100, C1, C1A, C2, Family Proceedings Court (was), Family Court (now), County Court, High Court, Divorce forms, divorce petition.

Financial forms, Form E, Form A, Questionnaire

Court Fees – exemption from court fees, what are court fees.


Litigants in person


Prenup contracts, prenup examples, prenup costs.

Change of Name Deed

Change of Name Deed Adult, Change of Name Deed Child.