The case for a ‘clean break’ – Wyatt Vs Vince

Otten Penna Clean Break Divorce Wyatt V VinceIf you’ve been watching the news today, you’ll have noticed a high profile ‘delayed divorce’ case involving Kathleen Wyatt and Dale Vince. Ms Wyatt is said to be claiming up to £1.9m of her ex-husband’s fortune. What was unusual about today’s Supreme Court ruling, is that the pair have been divorced for over 13 years, with all of Mr Vince’s wealth accrued since their split.

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Family Law in the Soaps: Coronation Street Special

Otten Penna's Simon Saunders reviews the latest Coronation Street Family Law storylineSometimes soaps are good at reflecting what goes on in everyday life (no I don’t mean Bobby Beale murdering his sister!), it’s their duty to represent scenarios as accurately as possible. With Corrie running a couple of storylines that are all too familiar to family lawyers, Simon Saunders reveals what rights absent parents have and what happens when one parent stops the other from seeing a child.

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