Otten Penna – Proud to fly the flag in Wythenshawe!

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It’s not just Manchester who get to boast a Pride event this year, now the local LGBT community in Wythenshawe can enjoy an event of their own, even closer to home.

The first Wythenshawe Pride takes place on 20th August 2016, organised by Chris Oatway, it’s the brainchild of The Proud Trust’s youth group, the only LGBT group in the area. And we’re pleased to announce that Otten Penna will be supporting the cause and the community of Wythenshawe.

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Supporting Manchester Mind for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

Fay Acklam, Solicitor, Mental Health takes on Manchester Run and Lake Windermere swim

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week (16th-22nd May 2016), a cause very close to our hearts at Otten Penna. We were over the moon to see Kate, William and Harry raising awareness of the new Heads Together’ campaign on the news this week, and this year, more than before, we can really feel a groundswell of support and people talking more and more openly about mental health.

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NEW Divorce Fees from 21st March 2016

_84425231_rings_paFor any of our clients in the process of, or thinking of initiating divorce proceedings or bringing a civil partnership to an end, we have some important news to pass on. At the start of this week (21st March), the Ministry of Justice raised the court fees to £550 (from £410). Continue reading “NEW Divorce Fees from 21st March 2016″

Online divorce in last 20 months? Check your financial settlement.

Form E
Example of Form E

The Ministry of Justice has launched an investigation into an error found on an online divorce form used to calculate financial settlements. The error could mean that couples that chose to take the ‘DIY divorce’ route since April 2014, could have been open to potential miscalculations in their final financial settlements.


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End the fear: Otten Penna join forces with the Domestic Violence Centre to help local victims



‘Domestic violence’ or ‘domestic abuse’ is a pattern of behaviour that involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. It can happen in any sort of relationship, including heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender relationships, and also within extended families. It moves across religion, class and every walk of life. It is reported that: Continue reading “End the fear: Otten Penna join forces with the Domestic Violence Centre to help local victims”

Otten Penna meet the Mark

SQMWe’re pleased to announce that we passed our Specialist Quality Mark audit (SQM) this summer, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the provision of quality legal services. This achievement reinforces Otten Penna’s position as one of the leading solicitors in South Manchester.

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Otten Penna Make the Small Screen

It wasn’t a run of the mill Monday today at Otten Penna as a famous face walked through our doors.

On set in Northenden, filming a new 3-part drama, The Trials of Jimmy Rose, Ray Winstone managed to turn Palatine Road into a gritty crime scene. Local businesses and homes had been forewarned about the filming and the presence of what may appear to be guns and robberies as part of the storyline.

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