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Mental Health

Because we believe in putting people first, we understand the need for approaching each client as an individual. Nowhere is this more important than in the mental health area of our work.

Our team of Mental Health Law specialists has wide experience in applying a deep understanding of the law to the lives of our clients.

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We appreciate the impact of mental health difficulties and learning disabilities on those affected directly and on their relatives, friends and carers. We provide a specialist legal service to clients at what are often distressing and traumatic periods of their lives. We take a holistic approach to our mental health clients and refer any client that requires assistance in respect of family matters to our specialist teams in those areas.

We offer expert advice in the following:

  • Representation at Mental Health Review Tribunals.
  • Advice and representation  at Hospital Managers Hearings.
  • Advising detained patients and/or families/carers about their rights.
  • Power of Attorney and Court  of Protection Matters.
  • Judicial review of illegal decisions  in mental health cases.
  • Advice on after care in the community
  • Advice and representation in  incapacity cases (Declarations of Best Interest by the Court).
  • Wills for people wishing to provide  for someone with mental health  difficulties or a learning disability.
  • We can represent patients detained  by the Criminal Courts in medium secure hospitals as well as patients  on civil sections (Section 2 and Section 3) and Guardianship Orders.
  • We also advise prisoners who have
    mental health problems.

What is the Mental Capacity Act 2005?

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 covers people in England and Wales who can’t make some or all decisions for themselves. The ability to understand and make a decision when it needs to be made is called ‘mental capacity’. For more information on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 please see


For further assistance do not hesitate to contact our specialist North West Mental Health team

  • Ruth Edwards
    (Specialist Member of Law Society’s Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel since 2001)
  •  Ms Louise Smith  (Specialist Member of Law society’s Mental Health review Tribunal Panel)

Stacey Smith  provides experienced and dedicated secretarial and administrative support.