Countdown to your happy Christmas

Countdown to Christmas. A guide for separated parents.OK, so we know you are not ready to think about Christmas just yet. It seems to get earlier each year. It’s only just November but already the shops have started to play Mistletoe & Wine and tempt us with tinsel and toys.

If you’re family situation has recently changed, or you’re facing another difficult Christmas trying to make arrangements with an ex about the children, there is no time like the present to embrace Christmas and get your arrangements sorted in good time for the big day.

Here’s the Otten Penna guide to the Christmas countdown:

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Family Law in the Soaps: Coronation Street Special

Otten Penna's Simon Saunders reviews the latest Coronation Street Family Law storylineSometimes soaps are good at reflecting what goes on in everyday life (no I don’t mean Bobby Beale murdering his sister!), it’s their duty to represent scenarios as accurately as possible. With Corrie running a couple of storylines that are all too familiar to family lawyers, Simon Saunders reveals what rights absent parents have and what happens when one parent stops the other from seeing a child.

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Pride in our community – LGBT Family Law

Northernden Solicitors Otten Penna - LGBT Family Law It was LGBT children, young people family day earlier this month, so I have put fingertips to keyboard again to take a look at how LGBT family law has changed over the last 20 years.

Firstly. Wow! It doesn’t seem like 20 years since we had the privilege to play an active part in a key 1994 case, that established the rights of lesbian couples in relation to joint residence orders for their children. But in some ways, feels like it could be 200 years ago.

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Sharing the magic of Christmas

With the festive season upon us, we are often subject to images of happy families converging under the tree to unwrap their pressies. But what happens when you have to share the children with your ex partner? How can you keep the magic alive for your loved ones and make Christmas as stress-free as possible? Vicky Wright, Family Law Solicitor and Resolution Specialist is here to give you some hints and tips on ways to have a family-friendly Christmas.

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