Mediation: A chance to look behind the scenes

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We are intrigued to see a behind the scenes documentary coming to our screens tonight on BBC2’s ‘Mr v Mrs: Call The Mediator’ The programme follows the journey of 9 couples who have chosen mediation as a way of agreeing an out of court settlement. According to Government stats, a journey 16,000 couples take every year in the UK.

National Family Mediation say that those opting for mediation can hope for a 89 per cent success rate. Compared to the option of ‘fighting it out’ in court, this could be the difference of a few 90 minute sessions at £150-£250, verses the cost of two solicitors at a price of around £250 per hour.

Over half of the reasons people use mediation are for issues relating to children, the next biggest chunk is for issues relating to property. Both issues are covered in the programme where we will meet Sue and Peter who can’t agree on how their money should be split, after Sue left the family home for another relationship. And Jason and Vicky who are struggling to share the parenting of their daughter and who haven’t spoken a word to each other for the last six months.

The BBC have queued up tonight’s programme as ‘privileged access to the private world of family mediation, this BBC Two documentary series will provide a unique insight into an element of modern British family life rarely seen by others.’ Let’s hope trained mediator Irene manages to resolve their issues. Read more here.

If you are going through a separation, your solicitor at Otten Penna can advise you if mediation is suitable for you both. Since 2011, it’s also been the requirement that all couples should attend a ‘Mediation Information Meeting’ where non-court options are discussed. Legal Aid is also still available for mediation in some cases.

Vicky Wright, Solicitor

Vicky Wright, Solicitor is a member of Resolution and an accredited specialist in Finance and Children, Vicky undertakes all aspects of family law including financial matters arising from the breakdown of marriages and other relationships, divorce and children issues and domestic violence.